Selling Tip – Why using professional photos for selling your home is important

Over the years real estate agents have found out many different ways to sell homes at lightning fast speeds and for top dollar. From having you do repairs and cleaning, to repainting, having a decorated garden and keeping away pets during showings, but all of this would not matter if home buyers and investors cannot see exactly what you are selling. That is where professional photography comes into play, marketing your home so buyers can see all the right areas they need is very important.

When we talk about professional photography, we do not exactly mean the real estate agent taking a picture of the separate places and rooms themselves or simply paying someone a few dollars to take the picture for you, does not mean it is of professional grade.

Majority of buyers nowadays use the internet to find their homes in an area and would definitely be attracted to listings with a great picture or something they think they only see in magazines, who would not want to live in a home they once thought they would only see in magazines? Studies have proven that homes with professionally taken photographs sell for more money, because of the higher interest from buyers, and also sell much quicker.

Images are a powerful tool, which sparks a buyer’s imagination of already living in such a house, sitting on a chair in the house or enjoying the view that you experience while living in that house.

A good photographer can capture the selling point of any home from great angles which make your home seem the best possible option. Most people would not want to settle for a house, they want the best possible home they can find.

A professional photographer would take sample shots and experiment on what they need to take the best possible photo, the best time of day, light exposure or maybe even how beautiful the house looks at night.

We have had plenty of comments of sellers not wanting to move once they see how amazing their home looks again.
All of this can intrigue a buyer into spending a lot more money than was listed and be happy that they have got their dream home, so never underestimate the power of photography and especially the lead picture placed on the listing as that would be the picture which appears on all search engines and routines.

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