The best places to walk your dog around Sandgate, Brighton & Shorncliffe

Sometimes we get so caught up in talking about our own lives that we forget about our furry family members. Ghost is our resident real estate fur baby and she loves going for walks. That’s why she barked up a storm when I was casting my line for a new blog idea. She reminded me that she loves walking around to help deliver flyers just as much as she loves greeting people as she splashes through the local shore. That brings us to Brisbane dog walking. Or more specifically walking your dog around the Sandgate, Brighton, and Shorncliffe areas.

Ghost tells me that these are some of her favourite spots.  


Shorncliffe BeachFront 

The Shorncliffe Beach Front encompasses a long stretch of both sandy beach and paved esplanade. Whether your furry friend prefers to jump right into the waves, or walk at an even pace, the beachfront has you covered. While the beach front is dog friendly, just be sure to keep your pooch leashed. There are plenty of options to explore at this beachfront. Dogs particularly enjoy the sandy playground during low tide. Ghost is partial to a bit of splashing around. It’s a great way to cool off on a hot day.  


 Lovers Walk 

This scenic walk connects Sandgate and Shorncliffe from the Shorncliffe Pier to the former Sandgate Baptist church. It spans over 2kms and includes a gentle path without any hills to worry about. It is fully paved and includes amenities and interesting artworks to add to the beauty of your walk.  


Decker Park 

Decker Park encompasses a wide range of activities and walking areas. There is even a fully fenced off-leash dog area in this Brighton park if you want to give your dog a chance to release some unbound energy. It’s right next the playground so your kids can enjoy their activities at the same time. 


Nudgee Beach for Off the Leash 

Ok, so this is technically further south. However we’ve popped it in in case you are hunting for a beach based off leash adventure. Just head down a suburb to let your pet off leash for a swim at Tuckeroo Park. The adjacent off leash park has plenty of obstacles to keep your pooch entertained. 

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