Selling Tip – 3D Walk Through Tours

This week we talk about 3D walk through tours and the power they have when selling. We have recently sold homes without the buyer physically inspecting them.

Get ahead of your competition. Rather than just getting some photos done let them walk through your home when they want to. We find that buyers who have viewed the 3D tour are a higher chance to make an offer compared to buyers who have not.

Buyer Attention:

Over the years we have been doing these we see a much higher click rate of buyers. This means more eyeballs on your home than others that don’t use this. This equates to more buyers through the door and a higher price as well.

No software is needed:

Buyers don’t have to download any software to use these. All major real estate portals work with these tours and we can even track how many views we have had.

Easily shared with family:

I touched on the fact that we get more eyeballs on a property before and we tend to find that this is because the buyers share a home with a 3D walk through more often than a standard photo listing. This could help in finding a buyer that wasn’t looking online at that time.

With all homes and units we will always use this technology to help promote a home. For such a minimal investment you gain so much more.

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