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The ups and downs of Brisbane property prices 

Property, like all investments, has its ups and downs.  With prices falling across most of Brisbane in the recent quarter it can be easy to panic. Fortunately for investors though, this downturn is predicted to be merely a “blip” on charts, with prices expected to rise again for a strong finish to the 2019 year.  […]

Tax time for Property Investors

With another financial year underway it’s time to present your immaculately prepared paperwork to your tax accountant. Or, if you were a bit disorganised this year then the good old shoe box full of half faded receipts will get the job done… kind of.     With the ATO expected to double the number of in-depth audits they […]

Selling Tip – 3D Walk Through Tours

This week we talk about 3D walk through tours and the power they have when selling. We have recently sold homes without the buyer physically inspecting them. Get ahead of your competition. Rather than just getting some photos done let them walk through your home when they want to. We find that buyers who have […]


Living Local – Viet Street Eat Sandgate

This week I tried something just a little bit different with a Food Review at Viet Street Eat in Sandgate.   Vietnamese food is in my top 5 of all time favorite and its hard finding a good place to go, so I was very excited to see Sandgate gained an amazing Vietnamese Restaurant. Jump […]