Why using a Broker is a smart idea

Why using a Broker is a smart idea.

Have you been looking to purchase your first home, investment or upsizing? Then you may have looked at all the different lenders and the options that they supply but unsure which way to go. This is where a good mortgage broker can pay off and help find you the most suitable loan for you.
As always it is wise to shop around. Do some checking for yourself to make sure the loan works for you and is competitive.

So what are some benefits of using a finance broker?

A broker will sit down with you, usually in your own home or another location convenient for you, and show you the range of loans available from different lenders. They will then help you narrow them down to a loan that might suit your needs. Once they have a clear understanding of your financial situation and goals, your broker will be able to advise you on your home loan options. A mortgage broker will take the time to understand your needs, discuss your financial circumstances, and identify your loan requirements.

I personally use Neil Lorrigan from Choice home loans for my property and also my clients. Every time I have had a question or an issue he has always been able to help me. This is one of the most important parts when looking at getting a broker I have found. You need to be able to trust that they are working for you and can help when you have any questions or issues.

If you would like any further information about mortgage brokers please give Neil a call on 0409762581 or email him at nlorrigan@chl.net.au

* A finance or mortgage broker can save you time and money, but you should still do your own research. Be prepared to ask plenty of questions to help your broker find you a loan that meets your needs and offers value for money. Please not that Zac McHardy Is not giving and legal or financial advice *

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