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Tucked away from a bustling capital city, Carseldine and Aspley real estate seems to have it all. Zac McHardy explains why he believes Aspley and Carseldine, with their good-sized properties and vibrant community spirit, are a few of Brisbane’s most family-friendly suburbs.

Brisbane has gone through many changes in the last 20 years. Many suburbs have become hot, then not, then hot again. Others have gone through massive gentrification as Brisbane’s CBD has boomed. The northern suburbs have seen some of the biggest changes; Chermside, for example, has exploded in recent years to become Brisbane’s ‘second CBD’, with its local Westfield, the growth of The Prince Charles Hospital, and the huge development of units and flats.

I’ve been in the area since I was young, and I’ve watched the development firsthand. The growth and gentrification in Chermside and its surrounding areas has been wonderful for both Aspley and Carseldine real estate.


Family-friendly finds

Nestled amid the trees and a plethora of parks and dog-friendly spaces, the two peaceful suburbs of Carseldine and Aspley are within a stone’s throw of the hustle and bustle of Chermside. Despite this proximity, Aspley and Carseldine real estate offers some of the most family-orientated properties available in Brisbane. And though gentrification has definitely reached the area, the suburbs’ family-focused essence remains, with 90 per cent of properties still serving as family homes on good-sized blocks of land.

Aspley and Carseldine boast some fantastic real estate opportunities. Each property is unique and features its distinct appeal. Plus, there’s a wide range of block sizes available, from 600 square meters to 1800 square meters, which makes them suitable for both upsizers and downsizers.

Because these burbs are home to some of Brisbane’s best public schools, Aspley and Carseldine real estate is also becoming increasingly popular with families for whom education is a priority.

Aspley and Carseldine offer the best of both worlds: the facilities and convenience of Chermside and the family-focused properties and open spaces of the leafy suburbs.

’Hood vibrations

In a bustling capital city and with everyone leading increasingly busy lives, it’s often difficult to find city suburbs that provide that strong sense of community. However, despite growth and gentrification, Aspley and Carseldine have retained the community feel and neighbourhood spirit that appeal to families and retirees alike.

I’m passionate about Aspley and Carseldine real estate and the communities themselves, as I truly believe the area is amazing. These two suburbs are the perfect choices for anyone looking for safe, community-focused areas. I even have my own home and investment properties in Aspley!


Cup from Above Aspley zac mchardy


What makes me most proud of Aspley is that the changes that occur here often go hand in hand with this community-focused element. For example, the cafe Cup from Above not only makes some of the area’s best coffee, but also raises money for disadvantaged people in the community.

If you’d like to learn more about Carseldine and Aspley real estate and the areas themselves, please get in touch with me.

Zac McHardy

Mobile: 0403 831 596

Image: courtesy of Cup from Above.

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